Medical hologram technology Medical hologram technology

Colleges - Hospitals / Medical Centres

Professional training gets the best aid ever known! Conduct practical sessions, showcase case studies, explain concepts in depth and enhance the learning experience of students and medical professionals through this holographic wonder.

Medical hologram technology

Beamboxx Hologram can be used to train faculty and medical students about complex body parts in a 3D way to make learning more effective. It can also be used to have overseas medical professionals beam in for consultation on important cases instead of having them travel to the hospital.

Yes, you can rent Beamboxx's hologram for medical training. We offer interactive training sessions in 4K clarity, invite guest speakers from other branches, and showcase holographic representations of important case studies from the comfort of your office.

Hologram plays an important role in consultations and telemedicine, as it saves time and travel of the medical professional by allowing them to consult on the case from their location instead of being in the hospital physically.